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Transformer Technologies has been servicing Portland General Electric for many years. 2-49 PPM of PCB transformer oil is removed from their main storage tanks and transported to a PCB Oil recycling facility in the Midwest. Scrap Distribution transformers are picked up at PGE’s service center and processed at Transformer Technologies’ Salem, OR, facility. Transformer Technologies’ field crews are active in PGE substations, removing transformers, OCB’s, capacitors, and other equipment. Recently, a field crew assisted with a Forensic Teardown of a large substation transformer to determine the root cause of failure. Transformer Technologies is proud to provide PGE with quick response and fair recovery values.

Portland General Electric

A major California Utility required the removal of all surplus electrical equipment from four floors of a live urban substation. Equipment included single phase transformers, circuit breakers, regulators, reactors, and cabling. The building presented many challenges including limited crane capacity, confined spaces, and neighborhood work restrictions. In addition, asbestos, lead paint, and lead sheathing was present in many areas. Transformer Technologies arranged for an abatement contractor and a specialized equipment mover to assist, insuring compliance with California health, safety, and environmental regulations. All equipment was safely removed, providing usable space for future expansion and eliminating environmental liabilities.

San Fran Substation

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11 August, 2008
Bushing Breaker

Mechanical Bushing Breaker – Transformer Technologies recently completed construction of a mechanical bushing breaker.  Modeled after a unit at our affiliate company, TCI of Alabama, the bushing breaker is designed to safely remove the ceramics from large substation bushings. A bushing is placed inside an enclosed box and the ceramics struck by a mechanical arm. The ceramic pieces and residual oil fall to a lower screen, allowing the oil to be captured separately.  The remaining metallic pieces are removed for further processing.

The bushing breaker provides a safe, environmentally conscience method of recycling your large substation bushings!

11 August, 2008
Stormwater Retention Pond

Retention Pond Upgrades – During the summer of 2008, Transformer Technologies installed an impermeable liner in the stormwater overflow pond. During heavy rainfall periods, excess water flow is directed to the pond.  As the rainfall subsides, the water reverses flow and heads towards the oil/water separator. Thus, the overflow ponds insures that all stormwater passes through the oil/water separator prior to exiting our site.  The liner was constructed of 8 mil polypropelyene and was heat seamed to form a continuous barrier. A six inch layer of sand was placed on top of the liner to protect it from damaging sunlight.

The retention pond liner illustrates Transformer Technologies’ commitment to continuous improvement.

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Transformer Oil Recycling & Disposal

We can manage your used transformer oil, whatever its PCB level. More »

Distribution Equipment

jkhjkhjkhkjhlkklkhhjLocated in Salem, OR, our 24,000 square foot facility was constructed in 2007, exclusively for the recycling of Distribution Equipment. More »

Substation Equipment

Transformer Technologies can prepare, load, and transport many types and sizes of Substation Equipment.  More »

On-Site Dismantling

Units too large for transport can be dismantled on-site by our experienced Field Crews. More »

Disposal of Related Equipment

Recycling of Capacitors, Bushings, OCB’s, CT’s, and PT’s can all be safely and economically performed by Transformer Technologies. More »

Disposal of High PCB Level Equipment

Through our affiliates, G&S Technologies and TCI of Alabama, we can arrange to have your Over 50 PPM of PCB electrical equipment safely processed. More »

Unit Failure Dismantling & Inspection

Our field support services can provide systematic, fully documented dismantling of failed units. More »

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